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Six Easy Ways to Get Free Traffic in 2019

After dealing with one too many issues with facebook and google ads, I’ve dedicated much of my time and research to growing my blog traffic free of charge. Here I will share how I’m doing this in order to assist you in boosting traffic to your blog or website.

My number one free traffic source right now is Forums.

Since I began seriously using forums I’ve doubled my every day traffic and it’s all 100% free.

I’ve discovered my target audience and it looks to be working well.

Although these free techniques take my focus off of making money for myself, I’ve met some incredible people and I’m having plenty of fun.

So let’s dive in, I’m going to tell you how to boost website traffic for free.

Here is what we will look at:

6 Ways I get traffic for free

How I steal google search traffic via Forums

How to choose the right Social Media platforms

Show you a website that gets a crazy amount of visitors from Pinterest

How to find blogs to interact with

Why building an E-mail list is important

Overall development of daily traffic

1. Get Free Traffic From Forums

Forum traffic is my favorite free traffic source and you know why very soon. This method alone can generate enormous amounts of traffic for your blog, I know it definitely does for mine.

What is great about forum traffic is that when done right you are able in many cases to get on to the first page of google without having to do any SEO work whatsoever.  Your essentially hijacking the authority of the forum itself and getting traffic from the google organic search results. 

Now this is cool

Forums can completely dominate when we talk about driving traffic to a website. If truth be told, I’ve seen numerous blogs start off this way.

Doing this is actually quite easy

First Step

First, you will need to find a few forums and register. I recommend registering between 4-5 forums if possible, then you can select the best performing ones and stick with them only.

Now I realize that 4-5 forums won’t be doable for every niche so anything you can find will work to get you lots of free traffic if you follow the next steps.

Second Step: Set Up Your Forum Signature

Those forum signatures are there for one reason, they are pretty much a free mini ad space that can have an incredible impact on your overall traffic and conversions when done right.

In case you didn’t know, a signature is a small free space that pops up each time you post in a forum. So this is clearly a great place for you to put your links and it's basically a free advertisement.

When setting up your signature you will need to treat it like any other add caption: add color or experiment with different fonts to make it stand out. Try out several designs, link them back to your site and compare your results.  Like most things in internet marketing: testing, testing, and more testing is what will give you good results.

This one below converts wonderfully for me and it links to my article about getting unlimited MLM leads.

Now you will want to start posting, and this is where you will want to find the Forum’s  “new post” section. This is the simplest way to watch what’s happening, saves time browsing the whole Forum.

Simple browse for a thread that has to do with your website or article.  Then you can easily post a link to your site.  Of course, the important thing is to only do this if you believe it could possibly help them.

Never spam or you will get blacklisted.

Next, it would be a good idea to start a couple of threads for search engine optimization purposes.


Google favors Forum backlinks as they have high authority. Forums are updated continually every day and it all gets indexed in google.

I did a search for “how to build high authority backlinks” and a forum post on this topic showed up in the 3rd position. So the idea is that you can also set up some of your own threads and some of them will end up ranking on the first page of google, especially if you do a some keyword optimization while writing the thread.

This is an example of something I would normally do to get free traffic to my blogs.

2. Working the Right Social Media

Social Media can drive steady streams of traffic. When this is done correctly, you there is potential for icredible amounts of traffic.

Take a look at the stats from this particular niche site that uses pinterest.  In December alone there were roughly 150 000 visitors with 60% being from google search.

3.85 percent of that were targeted visitors from Pinterest.  That’s roughly 7000 visitors just from that platform.  While we see that twitter and facebook have the lead in social media traffic it is a waste not to add Pinterest to your sites social platform.

Keep in mind this is from the make money online niche which is not a good niche for pinterest, which is more geared toward things like food, jewelry and gadgets.  I quick google search will show some restaurants getting tens of thousands of visits from good marketing on Pinterest.

So how can you get a slice of this Pie?

The bottom line is: how much do you need to commit each month to get pinterest working?

The key is finding your targeted audience and setting things up it perfectly by adding pin button to all of your pictures.  Additionally you will need to grow many followers on your pinterest account and keep in mind its better for a niche deals with products that have strong visual appeal.

Also bear in mind that the most popular things on this platform is food as well as recipes.  That is why most of my traffic comes from facebook and twitter since I’m in a different niche altogether.

So there would be no point in investing all my effort in Tumblr or Pinterest since that’s not where my the majority of my audience is.

Finally the real rule here is to know your audience and use that to decide you’re your main social media platform will be based on that.  So for myself in between posting on forums I’m regularly sending out tweets and posting to affiliate marketing groups on facebook. 

Again I only post valuable and relevant content which leads people to visit my money sites or opt into my mailing list.  I then add the other social media platforms to maximize my traffic.  Follow this rule of thumb and you will begin getting large streams of free visitors to your website.

3. Quality Blog Comments

This approach doesn’t generate massive traffic but it produces modest streams of targeted traffic, and all targeted traffic is good traffic.  And its better to have only a few targeted visitors who are actually interested in your site than a massive flow of uninterested visitors. 

So how do we do this? I prefer to type my keyword into Google and click on “News”. Yes it’s true that mainly news sites come up from this, but there are also quality blogs related to my niche as well and I can comment on recently published posts which gets me the best traffic advantage as far as blogs go.

Google Alerts is also a good way to find blogs: just putt in a list of keywords, and every time that keyword appears in Google Alerts you will get an email update links to relevant blogs.

When commenting on a blog, enter your website in the website section so people can click though to your website. People often take this for granted, but it’s a good source of traffic and it can help rank in google.

You can optimize clicks to your link by leaving quality comments that give additional value to the blog itself. Quality content is our mantra J

4. Low Volume Keywords

This tactic can drive an incredible amount of website traffic from google.  The more keywords you can target the better the results.

Use programs such as Long Tail Pro to find extra keywords that you might not otherwise think of.

Posting review articles on newly released products is one example of using low volume keywords and I’ve been doing this with youtube and I’ve been able to get ranked in some cases without any backlinks, just using good on page SEO.

Here is an example of another video I just ranked to the top, just by using low volume keywords:

So the bottom line is that if you rank ten articles on google for keywords with around 200 views a month, that will give you a steady stream 2000 targeted visitors going to your site every month on autopilot. 

Again your looking at 100% organic traffic with this, so it’s not to be underestimated.

5. Use Quora

I’ve just started using Quora and itls great.  I’ve been able to get regular visitors to my videos and my blog just by answer a few related questions there each month.  The added benefit is it is a wonderful platform to build credibility for your brand overtime.

Using Quora is dead simple: just visit the site, search for questions related to your niche and then answer them.  That’s it.

Give useful and relevant information and then link out to something on your blog or channel that will be helpful. I’ve known some marketers who get a few thousand visitors a month from answer posted a year ago. 

It’s definitely worth getting into and you can bet that I will be using this tactic with this article.

6. Build An Email List

When people visit your site and leave they may never return to your site again, even if they found the content useful.  There are simply too many distractions on the internet, they may forget about it or have trouble finding it.

With that being said, building an email list is very important for several reasons:

It lets you interact and engage with your visitors
It gives you returning visitors
It keeps them up to date with your content, products, or services

This is just the tip of the iceberg of course.

I myself create an email list for several reasons.

Not only to I enjoy engaging with my followers and keeping them up to date, it allows me to build a more human relationship with them which I think is important if we hope to give them value and build our brand.

Generally building an email list costs money. You will need to subscribe to a service such as Get Response.  There are other servers but I prefer Get Response because they give me quality one click landing pages and automated work flows which allows me to get more sales.  Getresponse is also free for 30 days so its definitely worth it. Especially when we consider that each subscriber we get is generally worth $1 per month. 

Some Parting Words

So that is my ‘secret sauce’ for getting free targeted visitors to my sites in 2019. It will cut down your advertising costs and it isn’t very time consuming.

There is a good chance the people reading this blog now found it through one of these channels that I’m using.  So the proof is in the pudding.

Give these methods a go if your just starting out. Once you get into it for a month or so you will start to see the traffic rolling in and if you stay consistent it will continue to grow almost like a ‘traffic snowball effect’. 

Using this method can also be quite enjoyable since you will see continuous progress and it is fun to track where your traffic is coming from.  Feel free to look at other blog posts and combines other ideas with the one’s I gave you here to grow even more traffic.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Five ways to generate MLM Leads in 2019--Warning The Last One is Powerful!

Gone are the days of booking hotel meetings and recruiting family members.  Now with the internet, lead generation and MLM recruitment are no longer the same as before.

The internet has opened up multilevel marketing (MLM) to a wider variety of people who might otherwise be shy or awkward when approaching prospects and generating leads.  We are no longer limited to reaching out to people we know or approaching strangers face to face; with the right knowledge we can simply set up a website, generate an email list, and use social media, to build solid leads, our team and our wealth.

Before You Start

Before you begin prospecting for more leads, make sure you know your target audience and where to find them.  Be clear on which problems your service solves: maybe your business provides passive income, or it provides weight loss, either way being clear on this will help prevent wasting time with the wrong contacts.

Next, identify your target audience, where they hang out and their general interests and behaviors. For example, people who want to earn money online may be stay at home parents, college student's or people interested in business. People interested in the health niche usually gravitate toward weighloss, diet programs, exercise programs, yoga etc...

Online we simple do a google search and look for forums, instagram, reddit posts, twitter feeds and most importantly Facebook pages. Whichever of the methods you use below make sure you keep your target audience and their needs in mind at all times.  And most importantly: remember that people hate feeling like they are being played or that you are trying to sell them something. Always create a situation where they become curious and want to know more about you.  Make them sell themselves... if you do this  all these methods will work for you.  If not, don't even bother!

Start Generating Leads

Many MLM companies encourage members to first contact a list of people we already knowthis is our 'your warm market'Personally I think this is bad advice.  You should only prospect people you know if, and only if you honestly think that your program or service is relevant for your friend or family member.  Otherwise you are doing damage to your relationship with that person and damaging your motivation and confidence which is quite fragile in the beginning.  I personally don't recommend this, I have seen relationships get strained from this and when peoples friedsn and family don't support the person the new recruit often quits.  

The other extreme is buying leads. This is also a bad approach to generating leads for your MLM business in the beginning because it is expensive and if you don't know what you are doing you will also get zero results for your investment, again usually because advertisements are aiming at the wrong people

#1 Build A Website and Get Free Traffic

The first thing you should do is create a website. Many MLM companies offer their member their own website or a landing page on their website, while others allow you to make your own. If you can, you should create your own website, because you need to stand out among your competitors and more importantly you want to begin from the beginning, the long, but worthwhile process of building your own brand.  To do this you should buy a unique well thought of domain.  You can do this with Name Cheap or Go Daddy.  Then you should get hosting, the best deals are with Blue Host or with Host Gator which allows you to use unlimited domains. You can then install Wordpress to create your page.  Now the price per month for this is low, about $2-$8 per month, the real issue for people new to websites is setting them up and building them which is time consuming in the beginning since there is a lot to learn.  I you can afford a web designer this is your best route, but if your on a tight budget then I suggest building a free sight.  Wix allows you to use drag and drop graffics to build a sight within minutes, so does weebly.  The downside is that you can do much more with Word Press in terms of ranking your sight, adding squeeze pages and making a more impressive design.  I recommend starting free with wix or weebly and then learning Word Press and then move to paid hosting.  That way you can get a sight up with your brand, your contact info and have your leas start coming to you.

Of course you will need traffic, there are lots of posts and videos about traffic online so just search.  I will put up a post devoted to traffic in the near future, but for now you simply want to go on face book, make friends with people in MLM groups and don't try to sell them, just have relevant posts linking to your sight and the right people will come, they will either see your sight and call you or they will message you on facebook.  It's really that easy, just build your friends and post something interesting with your link everyday.  Once you master facebook then you just move onto other forms of social media such as youtube, instagram, or linked, twitter etc.  The most important thing is to build one at a time, slowly get 5000 friends from the MLM niche on facebook and post everyday, then find a new social media platform.  You will build massive leads for almost no cost this way, but it takes patience at first. 

Image result for email list

#2 Build An Email List

By now you should have a website, either a simple free one on weebly/wix or a more sophisticated one using Blue Host and Word Press.  You should now have built up friends on facebook that belong to your niche and who are reading your posts and finding value in them.  They should be visiting your site and contacting you to join your business.  So now you can take things up a notch and build an email list.  Doing this is simple and it pays off big time once you build a big list of people who are interested in your posts.  But, you must make a monthly investment.  You will need to spend $15 - $30 a month on an email server, such as get response.  But it is worth it.  With get response you will be able to build landing pages just buy clicking and dragging images.  Just look at other peoples pages that are converting and copy them.  Don't reinvent the wheel.  

With Get Response you will be able to send out thousands of emails to promote your MLM or affiliate products.  Even better, they have an auto responder which you can load with emails that are sent out to your leads automatically whenever you decide.  So for example I might have 3 months worth of emails that are sent to my leads automatically as soon as they sign up via my landing page.  You want your email provide value, free tips, videos and trainings.  

Any products you promote should be a natural part of the training that your giving.  Include links to your face book page and contact info so your leads get to know you and trust you.  If you deliver good content regularly they will want to open your emails and read what you have to say and those who are serious will join or buy the relevant products you promote.  Personally you have a ration of 5:1 For every five emails one should push a product or service relevant to the content.  This way people won't get annoyed.  It works for me anyways. 

So make sure to add your Get Response landing page, (squeeze page/lead capture page to your website, and also link it to your facebook posts and any other social media profiles and posts you might have.

#3 Write Blog Posts

Now you want to build your brand and authority even more on the internet and collect more leads.  You should already be doing this with youtube, but you should also start a blog.  If you own your own Word Press then this is easy, you just add a blog section to your existing site.  

If you don't you can just open a blogger account at  It's free and their blogs look professional when you set them up right.  You should aim to have a minimum of 12 posts all sprinkled with key words relevant to your business.  Make sure to use the google keyword tool to research the best keywords for profit and for ranking.  See my article on this blog here for how to do that. 

When writing your blog the important thing to remember is quality content, that means no copying and pasting, and think of information that your potential leads might actually search for.  If you do this google will start to rank your blog site over time and you will get free traffic from google search results.  You can then publish your blog posts on your facebook and makes sure to include links to your MLM sign up page and landing page within your blog posts.  Link your blog to all your social media accounts as well and you can also link to your blog in your free tutorials that are part of your email campaigns that we looked at previously. 

#4 Use Paid Traffic

At this point you should have some expertise in how to word your posts to get targeted leads.  You've been practice for several months on facebook, instagram, youtube, etc If you are able to generate leads and build your email list from these sources you should have enough sense of what to write to get the right people to click on your paid ads.  

Using the google keyword research tool is essential to this just as it is for your blog posts.  So now you can start using Bing, or Google Ad words.  I recommend starting with Bing as they are still cheaper and perform well.  I also recommend using solo ads. This is where you pay people to send ads with your link to their email list. This is the easiest option and it pays off well.  

To find a reputable solo add to hire you should go to Udimi, they give customer review to all the vendors that do solo ads and show the percentage of sales and conversions.  I recommend starting on a small monthly budget of $100 -$500 in the beginning to make sure your getting the results you want for your money.  Basically get people to read an ad and click on the link to your landing page to either get on your mailing list or join your MLM straight away. 

Facebook ads is more advanced and should only be done later. Search the internet for info on facebook ads or see my future article. 


#5 My Secret Technique –Gets Me 100 Leads Everyday For Life

I'm not joking. You can use this method right from the beginning, but you should still do the other steps since they will make this method work even better.  In this method I pay a one time fee of $15 and for this I can get up to 100 email and phone number leads everyday.  

These are people that either belong to an MLM or used to belong to an MLM and who live in the United states.  The point is they are targeted leads, meaning email addresses and phone numbers of people who are interested in MLM and more importantly they understand how MLM's work. These leads also tell you which MLM they belong to. So all you do is call them and ask them about their MLM.  Then you ask them if they would like to hear about your MLM, usually they will answer 'yes'.  

At this point I just tell them the most important details in one sentence and then ask if I could email them a link with more information.  Some will join right away, while the others get into my email list.  You can start with this method right away, but you its better if you have a website and an active facebook profile first: this will give you credibility with the person you call since they can visit your facebook profile and website.  

They can also contact you with further questions on facebook messanger. So where do I get these leads?  I get them here on a site called: MLMRecruitment on Demand.  I pay $15 once.  That's it and that gives me up to 100 leads per day for life with no other cost.

I hope you've enjoyed this post.  Feel free to check me out on facebook:

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Is My Traffic Jacker a Scam?

My Traffic Jacker User Review

Hi guys, it's good to be back in action after a long hiatus from blogging.  Ive been busy these days running my few niche related websites and have recently gotten involved in crypto trading, which has kept me pleasantly busy in the past few months.  I've decided to find new ways to get traffic more traffice to my old sites using high authority expired domains and in my search I found this very very useful tool which lets me get instant traffic to my nich sites and instantly promote any new offer I want without any websites videos or anything.  The beautiful part of all this is that I've been getting results in less than two days.

So what is this miracle tool you ask?  Is this for real?  Well the answer is yes and I will explain.  This tool is a web app called My Traffic Jacker or mytrafficjacker and allows you to find expired high authority domains on youtube or wikepedia.  I'm talking super high ranking domains with traffic pouring to them which you can tarket to any key words related to your niche.

So in this review of My Traffic Jacker, I’ll go over the product details, how to use it, why we want it and also the upsells and pricing for My Traffic Jacker. Now, I must admit that product is a must have for any online marketer and may even be essential to beat the competition, because once this gets out it's going to be a game changer and I'm personally glad that I'm in on this now.  Whether your looking for instant affiliate sales, list building, domain flipping, or site ranking this is an all in one secret weapon for any online marketer or affiliate marketer.  So product details:
Image result for affiliate funnel bots

Product: My Traffic Jacker
Creator(s): Joshua Zamora and Paul Venables
Available: April 18th @ 11:00am EST
Price: $47 + Upsells (See below)
Bonuses: Yes, see below

My Traffic Jacker- What is it?

This app is by Joshua Zamora and Paul Venables and this app of theirs is still blowing my mind. While I've used some similar tools for domain flipping, My Traffic Jacker gives me results like no other and is packed with many extra features which makes domain mining easy and fast. 

Tell me more?

Simply put, My Traffic Jacker allows me to search by keyword on both youtube and wikepedia to find live, but expired links.  These links are still collecting traffic from these high authority sites, and I can buy them for dirt cheap, I mean $10 or less.   With these links I can then redirect all of this traffic and authority anywhere I like.   Like I said before, I can get instant affiliate sales, youtube views, or traffic to my nich sites.  

Still more, I can than resell these domains to people at a much higher price as I've bascially scooped up high end internet real estate.

View the Video Demo

The best thing is that this gives you instant targeted web traffic for any keyword at your finger tips... think of the possibilities!
Simply go to a YouTube channel having 50+ videos, each one with tens of thousands of views and in the description box of each video you can find an expired link that you can buy for peanuts.  
You quickly buy the domain and now every person that clicks on the domain in those videos goes directly to your own affiliate offer!

Some Screenshots

Can you imagine how powerful it is to be able to pick up an expired domain that still has a live link from Wikipedia?
Or be able to pick up an expired domain that is still posted below a YouTube video that is getting hundreds or even thousands of views per day?
This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start legally hijacking domains from two of the biggest sites online and getting traffic and sales in as little as 24 hours.

Why Should I Use Traffic Jacker?

There are many ways you can use this tool for profit. Some of the most popular ways I use it is to redirect the URL to affiliate offers and opt-in pages. when visitors click on the link from from YouTube and Wikipedia, it will go to wherever you redirect them!

My Conclusion

All I can say is that I'm glad that I tried and tested this product. It's been a very valuable tool so far and I've already found some profitable domains to flipp for a nice profit. My click bank sales have gone up as well with the new domains.  My quick tip to all of you though is this: use these domains to drive traffic to either affiliate links or landing pages only as google is known to slap sights who use these jacking techniques.  And if you decide to get this you should use the link below so that you can claim my 10 free bonuses only available for people who purchase this software through this site:

See More on Youtbube

 Ten Exclusive Bonuses

Below is a list of ten bonuses only available if you choose to purchase My Traffic Jacker Through the link on this site. This is a special collection of bonuses that will allow you to maximize your use of My Traffic Jacker for affiliate marketing and for building your list, which you should be doing if you really want to make money online.

Six Easy Ways to Get Free Traffic in 2019

After dealing with one too many issues with facebook and google ads, I’ve dedicated much of my time and research to growing my ...