Gone are the days of booking hotel meetings and recruiting family members.  Now with the internet, lead generation and MLM recruitment are no longer the same as before.

The internet has opened up multilevel marketing (MLM) to a wider variety of people who might otherwise be shy or awkward when approaching prospects and generating leads.  We are no longer limited to reaching out to people we know or approaching strangers face to face; with the right knowledge we can simply set up a website, generate an email list, and use social media, to build solid leads, our team and our wealth.

Before You Start

Before you begin prospecting for more leads, make sure you know your target audience and where to find them.  Be clear on which problems your service solves: maybe your business provides passive income, or it provides weight loss, either way being clear on this will help prevent wasting time with the wrong contacts.

Next, identify your target audience, where they hang out and their general interests and behaviors. For example, people who want to earn money online may be stay at home parents, college student's or people interested in business. People interested in the health niche usually gravitate toward weighloss, diet programs, exercise programs, yoga etc...

Online we simply do a google search and look for forums, instagram, reddit posts, twitter feeds and most importantly Facebook pages. Whichever of the methods you use below make sure you keep your target audience and their needs in mind at all times.  And most importantly: remember that people hate feeling like they are being played or that you are trying to sell them something. Always create a situation where they become curious and want to know more about you.  Make them sell themselves... if you do this  all these methods will work for you.  If not, don't even bother!

Start Generating Leads

Many MLM companies encourage members to first contact a list of people we already knowthis is our 'your warm market'Personally I think this is bad advice.  You should only prospect people you know if, and only if you honestly think that your program or service is relevant for your friend or family member.  Otherwise you are doing damage to your relationship with that person and damaging your motivation and confidence which is quite fragile in the beginning.  I personally don't recommend this, I have seen relationships get strained from this and when peoples friedsn and family don't support the person the new recruit often quits.  

The other extreme is buying leads. This is also a bad approach to generating leads for your MLM business in the beginning because it is expensive and if you don't know what you are doing you will also get zero results for your investment, again usually because advertisements are aiming at the wrong people

#1 Build A Website and Get Free Traffic

The first thing you should do is create a website. Many MLM companies offer their member their own website or a landing page on their website, while others allow you to make your own. If you can, you should create your own website, because you need to stand out among your competitors and more importantly you want to begin from the beginning, the long, but worthwhile process of building your own brand.  To do this you should buy a unique well thought of domain.  You can do this with Name Cheap or Go Daddy.  

Then you should get hosting, the best deals are with Blue Host or with Host Gator which allows you to use unlimited domains. You can then install Wordpress to create your page.  Now the price per month for this is low, about $2-$8 per month, the real issue for people new to websites is setting them up and building them which is time consuming in the beginning since there is a lot to learn.  

To set up your own site you can see this article, for detailed step by step instructions. However, if you can afford a web designer this is your best route, but if your on a tight budget then I suggest building a free sight.  Wix allows you to use drag and drop graffics to build a sight within minutes, so does weebly.  The downside is that you can do much more with Word Press in terms of ranking your sight, adding squeeze pages and making a more impressive design.  I recommend starting free with wix or weebly and then learning Word Press and then move to paid hosting.  That way you can get a sight up with your brand, your contact info and have your leas start coming to you.

Of course you will need traffic, there are lots of posts and videos about traffic online, and you can learn some powerful methods of getting free traffic here.  For now though you definitely should start with facebook, make friends with people in MLM groups and don't try to sell them, just have relevant posts linking to your sight and the right people will come, they will either see your sight and call you or they will message you on facebook.  It's really that easy, just build your friends and post something interesting with your link everyday.  

Once you master facebook then you just move onto other forms of social media such as youtube, instagram, or linkedin, twitter etc.  The most important thing is to build one at a time, slowly get 5000 friends from the MLM niche on facebook and post everyday, then find a new social media platform.  You will build massive leads for almost no cost this way, but it takes patience at first. 

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#2 Build An Email List

By now you should have a website, either a simple free one on weebly/wix or a more sophisticated one using Blue Host and Word Press.  You should now have built up friends on facebook that belong to your niche and who are reading your posts and finding value in them.  They should be visiting your site and contacting you to join your business.  So now you can take things up a notch and build an email list.  Doing this is simple and it pays off big time once you build a big list of people who are interested in your posts.  But, you must make a monthly investment.  You will need to spend $15 - $30 a month on an email server, such as Getresponse.  But it is worth it.  With Getresponse you will be able to build landing pages just buy clicking and dragging images.  Just look at other peoples pages that are converting and copy them.  Don't reinvent the wheel. To get the first month free click here.  

With Get Response you will be able to send out thousands of emails to promote your MLM or affiliate products.  Even better, they have an autoresponder which you can load with emails that are sent out to your leads automatically whenever you decide.  So for example I might have 3 months worth of emails that are sent to my leads automatically as soon as they sign up via my landing page.  You want your email to provide value, free tips, videos and trainings.  

Any products you promote should be a natural part of the training that you are giving.  Include links to your face book page and contact info so your leads get to know you and trust you.  If you deliver good content regularly they will want to open your emails and read what you have to say and those who are serious will join or buy the relevant products you promote.  From my experience you have a ratio of 5:1 For every five emails one should push a product or service relevant to the content.  This way people won't get annoyed.  It works for me anyways. 

So make sure to add your Get Response landing page, (squeeze page/lead capture page to your website, and also link it to your facebook posts and any other social media profiles and posts you might have.

#3 Write Blog Posts

Now you want to build your brand and authority even more on the internet and collect more leads.  You should already be doing this with youtube, but you should also start a blog.  If you own your own Word Press Site then this is easy, you just add a blog section to your existing site.  

If you don't have paid hosting you can just open a blogger account at blogger.com.  It's free and their blogs look professional when you set them up right.  You should aim to have a minimum of 12 posts all sprinkled with key words relevant to your business.  Make sure to use the google keyword tool to research the best keywords for profit and for ranking.  See my article on this blog here for how to do that.

When writing your blog the important thing to remember is quality content, that means no copying and pasting, and you will need to think of information that your potential leads might actually search for.  If you do this google will start to rank your blog site over time and you will get free traffic from google search results.  You can then publish your blog posts on your facebook page. Makes sure to include links to your MLM sign up page and landing page within your blog posts.  Link your blog to all your social media accounts as well and you can also link to your blog in your free tutorials that are part of your email campaigns that we looked at previously. 

#4 Use Paid Traffic

At this point you should have some expertise in how to word your posts to get targeted leads.  You've been practicing for several months on facebook, instagram, youtube, etc If you are able to generate leads and build your email list from these sources you should have enough sense of what to write to get the right people to click on your paid ads.  It's important to practice with the free traffic sources first, so you make less mistakes and waste less money on your paid traffic campaigns.

Using the google keyword research tool is essential to this just as it is for your blog posts.  So now you can start using Bing, or Google Ad words.  I recommend starting with Bing as they are still cheaper and perform well.  I also recommend using solo ads. This is where you pay people to send ads with your link to their email list. This is the easiest option and it pays off well.  

To find a reputable solo add to hire you should go to Udimi, they give customer review to all the vendors that do solo ads and show the percentage of sales and conversions.  I recommend starting on a small monthly budget of $100 -$500 in the beginning to make sure your getting the results you want for your money.  Basically get people to read an ad and click on the link to your landing page to either get on your mailing list or join your MLM straight away. 

Facebook ads are more advanced and should only be done later since it is much easier to waste your money.  On the other hand facebook ads can be very powerful, so you will want to use them eventually. Search the internet for info on facebook ads or see my future article. 


#5 My Secret Technique –Gets Me 100 Leads Everyday For Life

I'm not joking. You can use this method right from the beginning, but you should still do the other steps since they will make this method work even better.  In this method I pay a one time fee of $15 and for this I can get up to 100 email and phone number leads everyday.  

These leads are for people that either belong to an MLM or used to belong to an MLM and who live in the United states.  The point is that these are laser targeted leads, meaning email addresses and phone numbers of people who are interested in MLM and more importantly they understand how MLM's work. These leads also tell you which MLM they belong to. So all you do is call them and ask them about their MLM.  Then you can ask them if they would like to hear about your MLM, usually they will answer 'yes'.  This system also includes phone scripts and training as well.  I can't emphasize how awesome this system is and it costs next to nothing to use it.  

At this point I just tell them the most important details in one sentence and then ask if I could email them a link with more information.  Some will join right away, while the others get into my email list.  You can start with this method right away, but its better if you have a website and an active facebook profile first: this will give you credibility with the person you call since they can visit your facebook profile and website and see that you are a real person.  This is important both in MLM and affiliate marketing strategies.

They can also contact you with further questions on facebook messanger. So where do I get these leads?  I get them here on a site called: MLMRecruitment on Demand.  I pay $15 once.  That's it and that gives me up to 100 leads per day for life with no other cost.

Some Parting Words 

If you remember anything from this post, I hope it's to build some sort of an internet presence and to save the paid traffic strategies with google and facebook until you gained experience with free traffic.  My last method can be used right away and it will really get your business going.  If you combine this with the other methods you will explode your MLM business.

I hope you've enjoyed this post.  Feel free to check me out on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ryhan.ohiggins/

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