After dealing with one too many issues with facebook and google ads, I’ve dedicated much of my time and research to growing my blog traffic free of charge. Here I will share how I’m doing this in order to assist you in boosting traffic to your blog or website.

My number one free traffic source right now is Forums.

Since I began seriously using forums I’ve doubled my every day traffic and it’s all 100% free.

I’ve discovered my target audience and it looks to be working well.

Although these free techniques take my focus off of making money for myself, I’ve met some incredible people and I’m having plenty of fun.

So let’s dive in, I’m going to tell you how to boost website traffic for free.

Here is what we will look at:

6 Ways I get traffic for free

  1. How I steal google search traffic via Forums
  2. How to choose the right Social Media platforms
  3. Show you a website that gets a crazy amount of visitors from Pinterest
  4. How to find blogs to interact with
  5. Why building anE-mail list is important
  6. Overall development of daily traffic

1. Get Free Traffic From Forums

Forum traffic is my favorite free traffic source and you know why very soon. This method alone can generate enormous amounts of traffic for your blog, I know it definitely does for mine.

What is great about forum traffic is that when done right you are able in many cases to get on to the first page of google without having to do any SEO work whatsoever.  Your essentially hijacking the authority of the forum itself and getting traffic from the google organic search results. 

Now this is cool

Forums can completely dominate when we talk about driving traffic to a website. If truth be told, I’ve seen numerous blogs start off this way.

Doing this is actually quite easy

First Step

First, you will need to find a few forums and register. I recommend registering between 4-5 forums if possible, then you can select the best performing ones and stick with them only.

Now I realize that 4-5 forums won’t be doable for every niche so anything you can find will work to get you lots of free traffic if you follow the next steps.

Second Step: Set Up Your Forum Signature

Those forum signatures are there for one reason, they are pretty much a free mini ad space that can have an incredible impact on your overall traffic and conversions when done right.

In case you didn’t know, a signature is a small free space that pops up each time you post in a forum. So this is clearly a great place for you to put your links and it's basically a free advertisement.

When setting up your signature you will need to treat it like any other add caption: add color or experiment with different fonts to make it stand out. Try out several designs, link them back to your site and compare your results.  Like most things in internet marketing: testing, testing, and more testing is what will give you good results.

This one below converts wonderfully for me and it links to my article about getting unlimited MLM leads.

Now you will want to start posting, and this is where you will want to find the Forum’s  “new post” section. This is the simplest way to watch what’s happening, saves time browsing the whole Forum.

Simple browse for a thread that has to do with your website or article.  Then you can easily post a link to your site.  Of course, the important thing is to only do this if you believe it could possibly help them.

Never spam or you will get blacklisted.

Next, it would be a good idea to start a couple of threads for search engine optimization purposes.


Google favors Forum backlinks as they have high authority. Forums are updated continually every day and it all gets indexed in google.

I did a search for “how to build high authority backlinks” and a forum post on this topic showed up in the 3rd position. So the idea is that you can also set up some of your own threads and some of them will end up ranking on the first page of google, especially if you do a some keyword optimization while writing the thread.

This is an example of something I would normally do to get free traffic to my blogs.

2. Working the Right Social Media

Social Media can drive steady streams of traffic. When this is done correctly, you there is potential for incredible amounts of traffic.

Take a look at the stats from this particular niche site that uses pinterest.  In December alone there were roughly 150 000 visitors with 60% being from google search.

3.85 percent of that were targeted visitors from Pinterest.  That’s roughly 7000 visitors just from that platform.  While we see that twitter and facebook have the lead in social media traffic it is a waste not to add Pinterest to your sites social platform.

Keep in mind this is from the make money online niche which is not a good niche for pinterest, which is more geared toward things like food, jewelry and gadgets.  I quick google search will show some restaurants getting tens of thousands of visits from good marketing on Pinterest.

So how can you get a slice of this Pie?

The bottom line is: how much do you need to commit each month to get pinterest working?

The key is finding your targeted audience and setting things up it perfectly by adding pin button to all of your pictures.  Additionally you will need to grow many followers on your pinterest account and keep in mind its better for a niche deals with products that have strong visual appeal.

Also bear in mind that the most popular things on this platform is food as well as recipes.  That is why most of my traffic comes from facebook and twitter since I’m in a different niche altogether.

So there would be no point in investing all my effort in Tumblr or Pinterest since that’s not where my the majority of my audience is.

Finally the real rule here is to know your audience and use that to decide you’re your main social media platform will be based on that.  So for myself in between posting on forums I’m regularly sending out tweets and posting to affiliate marketing groups on facebook. 

Again I only post valuable and relevant content which leads people to visit my money sites or opt into my mailing list.  I then add the other social media platforms to maximize my traffic.  Follow this rule of thumb and you will begin getting large streams of free visitors to your website.

3. Quality Blog Comments

This approach doesn’t generate massive traffic but it produces modest streams of targeted traffic, and all targeted traffic is good traffic.  And its better to have only a few targeted visitors who are actually interested in your site than a massive flow of uninterested visitors. 

So how do we do this? I prefer to type my keyword into Google and click on “News”. Yes it’s true that mainly news sites come up from this, but there are also quality blogs related to my niche as well and I can comment on recently published posts which gets me the best traffic advantage as far as blogs go.

Google Alerts is also a good way to find blogs: just putt in a list of keywords, and every time that keyword appears in Google Alerts you will get an email update links to relevant blogs.

When commenting on a blog, enter your website in the website section so people can click though to your website. People often take this for granted, but it’s a good source of traffic and it can help rank in google.

You can optimize clicks to your link by leaving quality comments that give additional value to the blog itself. Quality content is our mantra J

4. Low Volume Keywords

This tactic can drive an incredible amount of website traffic from google.  The more keywords you can target the better the results.

Use programs such as Long Tail Pro to find extra keywords that you might not otherwise think of.

Posting review articles on newly released products is one example of using low volume keywords and I’ve been doing this with youtube and I’ve been able to get ranked in some cases without any backlinks, just using good on page SEO.

Here is an example of another video I just ranked to the top, just by using low volume keywords:

So the bottom line is that if you rank ten articles on google for keywords with around 200 views a month, that will give you a steady stream 2000 targeted visitors going to your site every month on autopilot. 

Again your looking at 100% organic traffic with this, so it’s not to be underestimated.

5. Use Quora

I’ve just started using Quora and itls great.  I’ve been able to get regular visitors to my videos and my blog just by answer a few related questions there each month.  The added benefit is it is a wonderful platform to build credibility for your brand overtime.

Using Quora is dead simple: just visit the site, search for questions related to your niche and then answer them.  That’s it.

Give useful and relevant information and then link out to something on your blog or channel that will be helpful. I’ve known some marketers who get a few thousand visitors a month from answer posted a year ago. 

It’s definitely worth getting into and you can bet that I will be using this tactic with this article.

6. Build An Email List

When people visit your site and leave they may never return to your site again, even if they found the content useful.  There are simply too many distractions on the internet, they may forget about it or have trouble finding it.

With that being said, building an email list is very important for several reasons:

It lets you interact and engage with your visitors
It gives you returning visitors
It keeps them up to date with your content, products, or services

This is just the tip of the iceberg of course.

I myself create an email list for several reasons.

Not only to I enjoy engaging with my followers and keeping them up to date, it allows me to build a more human relationship with them which I think is important if we hope to give them value and build our brand.

Generally building an email list costs money. You will need to subscribe to a service such as Get Response.  There are other servers but I prefer Get Response because they give me quality one click landing pages and automated work flows which allows me to get more sales.  Getresponse is also free for 30 days so its definitely worth it. Especially when we consider that each subscriber we get is generally worth $1 per month. If haven't got an autoresponder yet you can get it here.

Traffic Jacking

This last one is my favorite because it is stupid easy to use and it gets me boat loads of traffic and sales in a matter of days and sometimes overnight.  I call it traffic jacking, because with this method you are basically legally stealing traffic from high authority sites and directing it to your site.  So how does this work?  Simple you find expired domains that are still getting backlinks from popular youtube videos and wikepedia pages.  You then buy the expired domain usually for $5-$8 and then point it to your money site or affiliate link.  Now to find these high authority domains you will need to use an app called mytrafficjackr.  This what I use anyways, and you can read my full review and tutorial on it here

Some Parting Words

So that is my ‘secret sauce’ for getting free targeted visitors to my sites in 2019. It will cut down your advertising costs and it isn’t very time consuming.

There is a good chance the people reading this blog now found it through one of these channels that I’m using.  So the proof is in the pudding.

Give these methods a go if your just starting out. Once you get into it for a month or so you will start to see the traffic rolling in and if you stay consistent it will continue to grow almost like a ‘traffic snowball effect’. 

Using this method can also be quite enjoyable since you will see continuous progress and it is fun to track where your traffic is coming from.  Feel free to look at other blog posts and combines other ideas with the one’s I gave you here to grow even more traffic.

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