Why Email Marketing is An Essential Asset

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Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to check out this post on ‘Three Reasons Why Email Marketing is King’. In this short post we will look at what these three reasons are and why email marketing is really one of the best and time tested online business models.
Before doing that we should understand that email marketing is a traffic source among many others: social media, paid advertising, seo, blogging, podcasts and much more.  However, one thing to remember about most traffic sources is that they contain an element of risk. 

Don’t Put Your Business At Risk

Now all of the above mentioned traffic sources are great, but they all have one potential problem that could completely tank your business if left unaddressed. The problem I'm talking about here is that with all of these traffic sources you always depend on a third party.  All paid and organic search traffic to your business can be practically and legally terminated at any given point of time.  This even includes free traffic from social media.  What makes this matter a particular concern is that you cannot suddenly switch to a new traffic source without your business, revenues, and profits, being seriously interrupted.  So real existential threat to your business exists if it depends solely on any one traffic source. 
Google changes it’s ranking algorithms, facebook and social accounts regularly shut accounts down, often arbitrarily or for reasons beyond the businesses control. (not always though)  The same goes with paid traffic with any third party network: taboola, google, facebook… you name it.
Even email marketing has it’s caveat, in that aside from issues with your domain, ip address, and mailing server, the criteria of the email server providers i.e. e.s.p.’s for filter spam also change regularly.  Inspite of all this email marketing has one trap door: your email list.  This can never be taken from you and you can change servers and ips with relative ease, especially if you plan for these situations. 

Traffic Insurance For Your Business

So, the first reason that email marketing is king is that if gives you a kind of insurance via your list. Many businesses for example have relied on paid traffic through facebook or google, only to have their accounts closed over night... the result: their business gets devastated. However, if they had been building an email list and maintaining a good relationship with their subscribers, the email traffic could have kept their business going while they sorted out a new advertising solution.
Not only this but email marketing acts as insurance agains potential losses during your advertising campaigns: it allows you to follow up with visitors who did not make an initial purchase.  These visitors would be money long gone it you did not capture their email address during the selling process. So the follow up email series allows you to squeeze more sales revenue from your paid clicks in a given campaign.  These are ultimately returns that would otherwise have been lost in your initial ad spend.

An Appreciating Asset

Taking this further, we know that email marketing allows you to build an appreciating asset: i.e. your email list.  Your list’s value can only increase over time when managed properly. If you build a good relationship by buliding trust and an interactive relationship with your list, it can become the main revenue source of your business and lower your overall advertising costs.

Diversify Your Revenue Sources

There are many ways to monetize your list as well.  You can implement blended strategy to monetize your list with a combination of cpa marketing, affiliate marketing, and of course adsense revenue from any sites of yours that your subscribers might visit.  Oh, and did I mention Solo Ads?  You can also resell clicks to other businesses that you feel would benefit your subscribers.  Remember whatever you do, you must think about ‘how can this bring relevant value to my subscribers’.  In other words, don’t sell out your list and burn it out.  Nurture it, grow it, and it will be the goose that lays golden eggs.
An added not to consier in all of this is that marketers estimate that a good email list is worth $1 per subscriber per month, while a buyers list is worth $10 per subscriber per month.  But this all depends on how you look after that list.

Miracle Grow—Fertilizer for Your Other Web Platforms

The real ace in the sleeve here is this: the real value of your email list is transferable.  Like the proverbial torch, you can use your list to grow any other assed. You could grow your blog, your youtube channel, or an Instagram following. Such endeavors normally require tons of targeted traffic and would cost a fortune in either time or capital. But by building up and maintaining a relationship with a large list you can easily transfer those subscribers into Twitter followers, Facebook page fans, etc. Your really only limited by your imagination.  The bottom line here is that it takes traffic to get traffic, and email marketing allows you to build a long term traffic source that is both a flexible and a liquid asset.

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