Five Offline Affiliate Marketing Methods for 2019

 Offline affiliate marketing methods can be an excellent way to either start or scale up your existing affiliate marketing campaigns.  It might even be better for newbies to start out using offline affiliate marketing methods because of their simplicity and scalability.  For example putting out flyers is familiar to most teenagers who have advertised lawn mowing or baby sitting services.  So it seemed to me worthwile investigating this.  

For me this all started with a question to my mind when contemplating my own affiliate marketing business.

The Question:

After getting some good results using paid solo adds I wanted to find other methods to scale up that were both cheap and simple to use.  Then the question occurred to me:
"Are there any good offline methods for affiliate marketing?"

This question intrigued me since there isn't much talk about this on the internet, but after doing some research I found some very interesting and exciting results, which to be honest, I was kind of tempted to keep to myself at first.  Then I though... nah! 

The Answer:

There are Five easy and cheap offline affiliate marketing methods that are actually quite profitable.  

Here they are:

1.) Handing Out Business Cards
2.) Handing Out Flyers
3.) Putting up Posters
4.) Newspaper Classifieds

There's one extra method that will take some work, but it pays off big time:

5.) Calling Leads on The Phone  

So... What Now?

Now there is a way to do all of these methods to make sure they work effectively, so we will go through each one in detail.  Many of these methods can also be outsourced so we will look into that as well, and some of them can be scaled up indefinitely, making them incredibly profitable, so let's get into it.

1. Handing Out Business Cards

Now don't roll your eyes so soon, though, I must admit I did when I first heard this, but then I thought about how easy it could be and actually tried it myself.  I must admit it's not a huge source of sales, but it does generate a steady stream of traffic to my blog and money site and it takes zero time.  Just a bit of awareness. 

So what do I mean?

Well, the only real work is taking your logo and website name and putting it on a business card with your name and email and of course the site address underneath.  I'm assuming that you have a site or at least an amazing landing page.  If not you should see my other article: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners. 

So you go to the local copy shop, give them your logo and details.  The cost is cheap, I got 1000 for for $100.  Once they are printed there really isn't any work to do.  You just carry your cards with you.

Let me explain:  every time you're at a bank you can leave one of your cards on the counter.  Every time you're in the super market you can stick a card on the community bulletin board.  Every time a friend asks why you've been so busy you can tell him about your business and give him a card. 

By just carrying your cards with you and paying attention you can drop them off during your daily routine in places that you think are appropriate.  If there is an unemployment office near my route and I'm in the make money online niche I might want to stick my card on some of the cars or leave it on the tables there.  

They key is to put them in places that might suit your business, but only when you are in those places as part of your daily errands.  This basically monetizes your daily routine.  The fact that you can keep a stack of them in your car and always have some in your pocket makes this probably the easiest low cost method. 

While the disadvantage is that there is a limit to what you can accomplish with this, it doesn't take any extra time or work, and the effects of building your brand and online presence will be stronger as time progresses. 

So this should be the first place to start, and then we can scale up to flyers.

2. Handing Out Flyers

The natural extension of handing out your business cards is putting out flyers.  Believe it or not this can be a very effectictive offline affiliate marketing method.  Obviously you don't want to be one of those annoying people on the street pushing flyers into people's faces.  It's not effective, it will simply waste your time, and people won't like you. 

But you can start by posting them at the local community bulletin boards once a week, on street posts where it's allowed and under windshield whippers of cars.  Butting them on windshields is powerful since people will often see it either when they take it off or if they notice it once they enter the car.  You should probably use bright colors and catchy headlines or a curiosity provoking image to get the person to actually read it.  Putting them on windshields takes more work and I am lazy, so I would only do a few cars in niche targeted locations. 

Example: if you're in the martial arts niche, you might want to only do cars outside of a sports center etc. 

This method can be scaled up very easily since you can pay people to place the flyers for you in various locations.  So once you get some sales coming in you can start paying people to do it for you, and then add new cities and towns.  There is almost no limit to the growth of your business with this method once it gets some traction.  Make sure to split test and to track your results so that you can improve your return on investment.

3. Putting Up Posters

A well placed poster is more powerful than you think, and there is a whole industry that thrives on this such as  Using posters as an offline affiliate marketing method is also pretty cheap.  You can simply design your poster using a free graphics program such as Canva.  I suggest making a few different posters and split test them in your area before scaling up.  Once you've found a high converting poster design you can take your poster to a local printing shop and mass distribute it around your city or town.  As with your flyers you should track the traffic coming from each poster and/or location so that you will know where to focus you money and time when you scale up. 

Again, just like with the flyers you can scale up by paying people to post the posters for you.  Services like 'the poster guys' can distribute posters over a wide area in your country usually for a very low price such as $50 for 100 posters.  This method can be very powerful for getting traffic and sales, but it is even better for long term brand awareness which most business people know to a very powerful factor in growth, and sales.

I suggest doing this once you are getting a good stream of traffic from your flyers as you will have gained a better sense of what works and what doesn't and this will help you quite a bit when choosing your poster design and which areas to target. 


4. Newspaper Classifieds

This is probably the easiest but most expensive method here.  However, with some practice and when done well this method can earn you a lot of money.  This method can allow you to narrow your leads to a more targeted audience.  For example, if my money site is in the health niche, then I will post under health in the classifieds.  The quality of traffic I get will be higher as a result of this.

This is not the only benefit.  For one to two hundred dollars you can get tens of thousands of targeted leads to see your ad visit your site.  More people read the classifieds more than any single website.  Just think of how many eyeballs you can get on your ad if you post in a newspaper for a large city like New York or New Jersey?

When creating your add you will also need to split test and track the traffic coming from each ad.  Catchy headlines along with strong calls to action are important.  If you pay extra to have your pages logo included in the ad it is also very strong for building brand awareness and trust. The important thing with all of these methods is to be creative and always test and keep track of your results. 

So far these methods are pretty easy and what I like to call idiot proof.  The first three can be started almost for free, they are all simple and all very scalable.  The last method is cheap, so cheap it's almost free but it actually involves a bit more work.  But when done right it will give you unlimited laser targeted email leads every day.

5. Calling Leads on the Phone

Now I know this one won't be for everyone especially those who are resistant to making sales calls, but if you can eventually get over that and get comfortable making sales calls the sky is the limit for you.  Of course this is fully scalable as well since there are many call centers for hire that you could pay online to do this side of the business for you. 

But even if you did it yourself, with a bit of practice you can make a ton of money. 
Now this might not work for all niches buy basically you can google 'phone leads + your niche' and you can vet out some good lead providers. 
If you are in the affiliate marketing niche or the mlm niche then I have something for you here that is very special.
But it's only for mlm and making money online.

There is a program called MLM Recruitment on Demand that will give you up to 100 targeted leads per day for life.  They charge a one time fee of fifteen dollars to access their service, but after that you can get 100 phone and email leads per day for life. 

These are very good leads.  What do I mean? 

Their lead are phone numbers and email addresses from people who are interested in or have been involved in multi level marketing.  So you will be calling people who are not shy of marketers and who are actually interested in the niche that your site is promoting. 

Basically these are people who will want to hear about your business opportunity.  The worst thing that can happen is that they won't be interested, but the chance that they will be interested in visiting your site or subscribing your list will be very high.
The leads I get from this service tell me the persons name and the business they were once involved in.

So my script is stupid simple.  I just call and asked to speak with the name on my lead.  If I tell them if they are still in the business name mentioned on the lead and if they recommend it or not. 

I then introduce myself and ask them if they are currently interested in in checking out a new business opportunity.  If they are I confirm their email address that I have on the lead and/or update it.  I then tell them I will email them some information and a link to the website. 

It works like a charm.  I get quality visitors and I build my email list at the same time and it doesn't cost me a penny.  I was very she and nervous at first, but when I realized these people actually wanted to talk about their former business and about 1/3 wanted to hear about mine, it actually became a fun and relaxing way to pass a few hours each day. 

So this last one is really worth trying.  But even if you don't use it, the first four methods will definitely bring you sales and grow your business to a new level. 


I hope that in this article you now know that here are real offline opportunities and that you now have a little cheat sheet to follow which will bring your affiliate marketing business to much higher level.  Combining these methods with online paid traffic has brought many super affiliates tens of thousands of dollars per month.  If you use these offline affiliate marketing methods and work on your online business platform you can also make some serious money.  The key point to remember from all of this is to always split test and track your traffic and results. 

Here is the cheat sheet:

Easy and Cheap Methods:

1.) Make and distribute business cards during all your day to day activities.

2.) Make and distribute flyers on windshields and community bulletin boards.

3.) Make and distribute posters around your city or town, particularly downtown.

4.) Publish your site in newspaper classifieds—stick to big urban centers like New York.

More Advanced:

5.) Get quality leads and call people on the phone.

How to Rank Your Website on Google--- SEO Hack for 2019

Lately I've made some real progress ranking some of my amazon niche websites by focusing on long tail keywords and small keywords.  Here it's important to understand that long tail keywords can make it much easier to rank, especially in a very competitive niche.  The other good thing is that the strategy I use to rank with long tail keywords is relatively simple.

My Seo Ranking Secret

Even though this is a fairly common strategy, it’s still been very effective for me.  It doesn't cost much money and doesn't take up too much time, when it's done right.  The bottom line is that these strategies rank my money sites, and making money online espcially in affiliate marketing is what these posts are all about.

Here's what were going to do, were going to build niche blogs based on long tail keywords and we going to rank them with high PA backlinks.  In spite of people on forums saying that page ranking doesn't matter so much, I have found the opposite to be true with my own testing and my own page results.  So we are going to do it anyways, since what matters is results and repeated testing.  I can't emphasize that enough here, don't take my word for it or anyone else's word, even if something makes sense, test it out before running with it.

Here's What We Need to Do This

o    A low competition keyword
o    Social Signals - (From Multiple Social Media Accounts)
o    High Ranking Tumbler Accounts
o    High Ranking Weebly Pages
o    Articles Relevant to the page you want to rank

To really get into this properly we need to first look at what easy long tail keywords are and how they work:

An easy keyword should have a competitiveness score of 20 or less.  Lately many marketers have expressed skepticism about finding easy keywords.  Many say there simply aren't any left, but this has not bee true for me.  With a bit of work and a good search tool like Long Tail Pro, you can find easy keywords, like this one:

The Stats:

o    3 keyworks
o    Review keyword: People looking to buy
o    2900  monthly searches: (excluding worldwide)
o    Keyword is only 12!

This is just one example of a super easy to rank keyword that has good search volume.  This means if I rank a site promoting an in demand product related to this keyword search I'm going to get unlimited passive income, month after month, while I sleep.  :-)

So, now I am going to make my money site around this key word.  I will then get backlinks and rank it to make money.


Let's get going:

This image shows exactly how I rank my niche affiliate sites using seo backlinking strategies.  I also link out to my other existing niche sites to pass on additional link juice, but aside from that I simply send a combination of social signals, 10+ high PA tumblers, and 1-3 High PA Weeblies.  By doing this with some good long tail keywords, I can get good rankings for my money sites.

Something worth mentioning here is that there is no exact formula that can guarantee good rankings and traffic for every site.  I've heard claims about secret methods that can rank anything, and from my experience these claims are nonsense.

There is no one definitive guide in SEO that will guarantee high rankings for all sights
They promise 1st positions in Google: promises in SEO are complete rubbish, at least that is my honest opinion.  Some of the best people that I've worked with always avoided making such promises since they don't want to damage their reputation.  So I suggest to test things out and to not pay anyone who makes such promises.

I've tested these strategies on websites with keywords with a score of 23 or less for competition and I've been able to rank.  I've also known other marketers who have had success with this.  So this is a good strategy to work with and to improve upon using your own tests. 

So it's important to keep in mind that this strategy is only good for competition scores of 24 or less.  I haven't used it for higher competition keywords.  When I do more research in this area I will publish an article on it.  More than likely anything with a higher competition will require building a high quality private blog network, that's for sure.  Of course these days with all the google updates guest posting is the better option.
Ok, so back to this method

Social Signals Are Important

For all of my ranking operations, I start with social signals and that applies here as well.  Believe it or not social engagement is still an important factor in google ranking, probably because they see it as a sign that your content is providing real value for your users, so much so that they are sharing it on social media.  Despite forum debates and various claims on this, my tests have shown good results with social signals.
I like to get my social signals from Konker.  Almost is good there are long as they have good ratings and you make sure to get them on drip feed.

google seo with socila signals 2

Power Your Site With High PA Tumblrs

This is where you can really start to get the results you are looking for.
Backlink building is a fundamental ranking factor next to quality content.   The right blend of backlinks combined with good on page SEO can truly boost your ranking.

We can summarize off page SEO like this:

o    Niche/affiliate site  - this will be your main money site
o    Tier 1 sites - this is usually a free web 2.0 linked to your money site
o    Tier 2 sites - these link to your tier 1 sites giving them a boost
o    Tier 3 sites - these give even more links linking to the tier 2 sites linked to your tier 1 site. (like a pyramid)

o    PBN's - Private Blog Networks are used for higher ranking keywords or anytime you happen to need extra ranking power.

o    I suggest caution with PBN's though as the google algorithm is getting smarter and sometimes PBN's can get your website slapped.  A safer alternative is guest blogging, but only after you've ranked your site with some web 2.0's first.

While there is a plethora of strategies out there, today we will focus only on web 2.0 sites.

Before continuing with this, you should make sure that your on page SEO is fully optimized.  The best guide I've found so far is on Brian Green's Backlinko site.  Click here, On Page Seo: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page to check your site is fully optimized.  Otherwise your wasting your backlinks!

Here is an image to give you a clearer idea of how this link building process works:

According to this above image this link building strategy can take up a lot of time. But here I will show you a hack that will save you time while still giving you all the link juice that you need.

Do you want to know my link building hack?

I simply set up tier one links that already have tier 2 and 3  backlinks going to them and whose domain names have aged.

Here is an example of the wrong way to do this: you could build some Tumblrs or Weebly sites with no links pointing to them and guess what will happen?  Nothing.  
If you don't have any links going to those web 2.0 sites there will be virtually zero chances of google recognizing the backlink let alone giving your money site any authority. Your page will get no authority.

This is why I buy Tumblr, Blogger, Weebly, and also Wordpress sites that already have links going to them . The bottom line is that this saves me a tremendous amount of time and it gives me good results.

Right, now where can you buy Tumblr’s?

On this site I shop for people selling tumbler and Weebly sites.  I recommend finding these on Konker.  You can get really good deals here and you can then re-use these Tumblr and Weebly's to build up your other sites as well.

Let's Set Up Some Tumblr Sites

Another great thing about Tumblr sites is that you don't need to prepare any big articles, you can just upload an image and insert your link and that's it!  

I recommend starting with 10-15 of them, and then wait a month or so to see how it ranks, then you should add more as needed.   The amount of competition in your niche dictates how many tumblr and weebly sites you need.

You will need to use a VPN to protect yourself from possible penalties.  Anything that can change you ip address is good. You must always sign into each Tumblr account from a different IP, and always with a clean browser. Make sure to clear any history on your browsers and prevent footprints.

Now login and make your page legit by adding a picture to your avatar in the profile section.  After that just upload an image, add a short bit of text and add your link and also add an outbound link to another authority site to keep google happy.  :-)

So here is your checklist:

o    Buy some high ranking tumblrs on Konker or Fiverr
o    Clean your cache and go online with your VPN
o    Make your Tumblr profiles legit by adding avatars
o    Post a related image and some text
o    Link to your money site and to another high authority

That's it, repeat this with as many Tumblrs you need and you should be ranking.

Diversity Rules

If you get someone else to do this for you make sure they know what they are going and that they use diverse anchor text.  I've heard many complaints from people who outsourced this work and they got penalized by google for having their anchor text all done with the same keyword.

Google will usually interpret this as spamming and they will penalize your site so make sure to have diversity in your anchor text.

Basically your anchor text should be mixed according to this model:

o    Naked URLs----
o    Brand name--- Affiliate Tools 4 U
o    Keyword --- what ever key word your ranking for
o    Miscellaneous  – “visit here" “check it out”  "click here" etc

Google loves diversity, so remember to mix it up like the list above.  Also I recommend only adding 2-3 tumblrs a day.  Google likes natural organic don't panic, be organic...   :-)

After creating the tumblr profiles its best to let them sit and wait for google to pick them up.  This can be sped up by submitting the url to google.

Add Some Weebly Sites for Extra Juice

I then add 1 to 3 high PA Weebly 2.0 websites. I usually add 1 then I’ll add another 3-4 weeks later if I need it.

This works just the same as my Tumblr Method, you will need to use 2 articles that are at least 400 words long. You should include your main keywords and LSI keywords in it so Google knows what it’s about.

I buy my articles at $4 per 500 words. You can use iWriter for cheap articles.
Once you have the article you will need to sign into the Weebly and set it up so it’s a blog. Once done, make the first blog post. With the first post throw in a link that links out to a related authority site like a Wiki page . Then leave it for about 4 days.
Then log back in and upload the second article, In this article link out to your own website and sometimes I like to throw another outbound link in…. Maybe to a Facebook page or something.

With both articles, it’s a good idea to upload images with them.
Adding a “contact” and “about” page is something you should also consider adding.
“The site” Is linked to an authority site “increasing your network” is linked to the niche/money site. You can use Link Centaur to get them indexed faster, it’s free.

Add Social Media To the Mix

This step isn’t necessary, but I do it anyway.

It’s free to sign up so why not. Any link is a good link even if it’s no follow, just as long as it’s not spam.

Pinterest has good share signal strength and I find it easier to get followers on this platform than others.  Once signed up all I do is start a board then upload a few niche related images with a link to my Main website.

To get followers, I follow niche related accounts and boards until I get up to around 300 followers. By this time, my images should have a few repins.  I will then upload some more Images to squeeze out some more repins. This is all I do and every repin spreads my URL to other people while creating backlinks.

To automate the process you can use Pinterest bots, this starts to get more advanced though, and I don’t recommend it if you don’t know how to set one up.

Checking Backlinks

When checking for Backlinks try and do it in the Google Search Console, Most 3rd party backlink checkers are inaccurate.  This is from the Google Search Console “links to site” for one of my niche sites. It shows 26 Tumblrs linking in. I tried it on some 3rd party sites and they only show 1-3.

Some Parting Words

Basically what your learning to do here is to build your own private blog networks (pbn's) that are ranked by high PA backlinks

After testing this approach repeatedly I have had consistent results, but I've only used this to rank for long tail keywords.  You can of course just pay someone to give you backlinks from their own pbn, but then you run some risk of hurting your rankings if the person does a bad job, or worse having someone steal your keyword!

Building your own pbn is normally quite time consuming, but if you follower the instructions in this post you can do this fairly quickly and get good results.  If you use this method with my other methods for free traffic you should be getting tons of targeted traffic and if your site is well constructed: sales.  If you haven't read my guide to free traffic you can get it here.