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There are many ways to earn bitcoin online these days, we have various bitcoin faucets and mining networks.  From my experience most of the 'free bitcoin' faucets are not worth the effort, but most of them really pay out.  Among the various mining sites however, there are many scams.  

Most mining scams have a very high minimum pay out so it takes a long time to discover if they are a scam or not, then when it's time to withdraw, they won't pay.  It will usually just say 'pending' forever basically.  I've been scammed by a few mining sites like this.  So the moral of the story is: do your research before committing to a mining site or app.

CryptoTab is Not a Scam--- They Actually Pay Out

So when I first saw an ad for Cryptotab, I was skeptical because I had wasted valuable time with faucets and scams.  But for some reason I tried it, with the idea that if the minimum payout is too high I wouldn't waste my time.  But the minimum payout was only .00001 btc, which I was able to earn in a day.  

I then went to withdraw, I put in my bitcoin wallet address... then it said 'pending' my heart sank, bad sign.  But then five hours later I checked the site again and it said I was paid.  I looked in my bitcoin wallet and there was my bitcoin from Cryptotab!  So important note: Cryptotab is not a scam.  I made about 10 cents in one day for doing nothing, which got me thinking... hmm... how can I make more money?

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How Does Crytotab Work?

The other convincing factor that shows Cryptotab is not a scam, is that you don't need to pay to use it.  Its free, plain and simple.  The only thing you need is a chrome internet browser, and to install their app onto your google chrome extension.  Thats it!  From then on you will automatically be earning small amounts of bit coin just for having your browser open.  

Now there are two things you must do: sign in to Cryptotab to protect your earnings.  This way if someone deletes the app or if your computer breaks you won't lose your bitcoin.  You can just install the app on another computer, log in and your bitcoin will be saved under your account.  So this is obviously a very important set.  Next you want to make more bitcoin and you can. 

You wont make much bitcoin just by using your own browser, the real money comes from their affiliate program. If you work to get several referrals and each referral gets several referrals you can earn in the best case scenario several thousand dollars a month.  If you don't want to work that hard you can refer a few friends and get them to refer their friends and from this you can make a few hundred dollars a month  for doing nothing, and all on autopilot.  That's what my goals are centered on, maximum income on autopilot.

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How to Maximize Earnings With Cryptotab 

Now that we have settled the issue of whether or not Cryptotab is a scam, we can not focus on making real money with it just by sharing it with friends and on facebook groups and twitter.  

The real beauty of Cryptotab comes from the TEN level referral network that you can build and this is what will allow you to easily earn hundreds or thousands of dollars if you do a little work. With just your 1 PC you can make around $4 a month using Cryptotab as a Goggle Chrome extension that passively mines bitcoins with your wasted computing power.

You can adjust the amount of power Cryptotab uses for mining, so that the performance  of your PC will not be effected. If you need all your power, it will turn off all the way for you to. I am running it now.  At almost full power now on my laptop, and on my computer at work, and I haven't had issues with either of these computers.  Again this app is free and you don't have to trust a cloud-mining company.  Cryptotab allows you to build lots of mining power without spending a penny! 

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Use CryptoTab's Ten Level Referral System

With ten levels of referrals you have the potential to make insane profit, if you can get the message out there.  The app is free and makes people money so the rest is a no brainer. Let's look at a network with everyone making $4 form their PC you refer 10 friends and everyone else does 5 friends:

Rewards for Each Tier of Referral's:

Tier 0 - 100% PCs: 1 Pool/You: $4 / 4
Tier 1 - 15% PCs: 10 Pool/You: $40 / 6
Tier 2 - 10% PCs: 50 Pool/You: $200 / 20
Tier 3 - 5% PCs: 250 Pool/You: $1,000 /50
Tier 4 - 3% PCs: 1250 Pool/You: $5,000 / 150
Tier 5 - 2% PCs: 6250 Pool/You: $25,000 / 500
Tier 6 - 1% PCs: 31250 Pool/You: $125,000 / 1,250
Tier 7 - 0.5% PCs: 156250 Pool/You: $625,000 / 3,125
Tier 8 - 0.25% PCs: 781250 Pool/You: $3,125,000 / 7,813
Tier 9 - 0.125% PCs: 3,906,250 Pool/You: $15,625,000 / 19,531
Tier 10 - 0.0625% PCs: 19,531,250 Pool/You: $78,125,000 / 48,828

So here, if you could get that many people in network your Monthly Income would     be: $81,273 or 8.86 BTC.  But lets say you don't want to hustle too much, then you could refer 10 of your friends and family and then systematically get 5 PC's signed up under them.  If you are a business owner with several PC's in an office you can see how easily this can be done!  Keep in mind that you are getting people to sign up for something that makes them money for free.  So most people who trust you will be willing to at least try it.  So, really, its freaking easy!

The Verdict: Why Cryptotab?

As we have seen, Cryptotab is definitely not a scam, its a gift, a free money making machine. With this system you don't need any fancy mining equipment. You don't need to be rich. You just need to get 10 people to sign up and your done. Everyone else signs up their 5 friends and you will already be getting a few hundred dollars a month for doing nothing.  If the people you sign up sign more people up you can make thousands of dollars.  

If you don't sign anyone up, (hard to imagine!) you are still earning a nice bitcoin savings which will build up over the year. If bitcoin goes up in value, and there's a good chance it will, then you will make even more money for doing nothing, money while you sleep.  

So don't take my word for it.  Download the app here and try it.  In one day (more or less) you will have .00001 bit coin.  Withdraw it to your bitcoin wallet and see if they pay.  I know they pay because they have been paying me.  But now you should experiment for yourself.  After they pay you, then you can get excited and share it and use it.  As an extra added bonus I will give you a link where I teach people my own secret sauce to getting 100 email leads per day for free who I am able to sign up and make insane amounts of bitcoin passively.  To learn my secret sauce for generating leads for my MLM's and cryptotab click here.

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