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There are many ways to get traffic if you are into affiliate marketing or interested in promoting your

own products online. Solo ads are probably the easiest and if done right the quickest way to get sales

and build up a large free traffic source:  your email list. This is particularly true if you are in the make

money online niche.

Why are solo ads great for newbies?  Well as long as you follow a few simple rules solo ads can be

very profitable both in the short term and the long term. But the main attraction of using solo ads is

as follows: 

  • You only pay for clicks

  • You decide on your budget before the campaign  -- secure budget control

  • You don’t need any technical expertise

  • No real rules  (unlike facebook or google)

  • Instant results  -- Get traffic leads and sales within 1-2 days

What are Solo Ads?

Ever hear that the money is in the list?  It’s become a cliche but it’s still true very true.

If you build up your own email list of targeted leads and maintain a relationship with them you have

an unlimited supply of free targeted traffic that you can send anywhere you want.

Keeping this in mind, a solo ad is a very simple affair.  You pay a person with a large email list to send

a promotional email with your link to their list. It’s really as simple as that.

When you buy a solo ad you will pay for a specific number of clicks, from people living in a specific

part of the world.  Usually 90-100% Tier one countries.  These countries are wealthy English speaking

countries and include: The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.  

Usually we prefer these countries because it is easier to get sales from the populations in these

countries.  So it follows that the price of your solo ads will be partly determined by the percentage

of visitors you get from these countries.  


First Step: Make Sure You Don’t Get Ripped Off

You can find solo ad vendors in an open unregulated market either on sites like Udimi, or facebook groups such as Solo Ad Testimonials.  The open nature of this market is exciting because you can sometimes find very good deals on quality traffic.  That being said, it is also a bit like the wild west, since anyone can claim to sell solo ads, and not all vendors are honest.

However there is a very simple way to protect yourself and make sure that you don’t get ripped off. 
What is that you ask?  Simple: you use a link tracking software such as Qliker or Click Magic.
Qliker is cheaper and just as good, so you will get better value for your money if you go with them. 
Link tracking is a must.  If you order a solo ad from a vendor without using a link tracking software
you are basically waving a giant flag that says ‘sucker’ or ‘please rip me off!’.  

It sounds harsh but it’s true.  Link tracking allows you to track the number of clicks you get, the number

of total clicks and unique clicks.  

That’s worth noting… if you pay for 1000 clicks and 300 of them are repeat clicks then you are getting

ripped off, and there is no way to know about it if you are not tracking your clicks.

You can also track your optins (the number of people who give you their email address) and sales

with these services which allows you to find the best vendors for your business and repeat traffic

orders with them.  

So the money is in tracking your traffic and then investing in traffic vendors who have the best

performance.  Tracking softwares such as Qliker and Click Magic allow you to track where your clicks are coming from.  So if you order traffic from specific countries, you can see if you are getting traffic from those places or not.  

After reading this, I think you can agree that tracking your clicks is a must if you don’t want to lose money.   

Second Step: Always Capture Email Addresses

Never send traffic directly to your sales pages or affiliate offers.  People need to see an offer multiple times with different sales angles before they buy.  So if you send traffic straight to your affiliate offer you are basically just burning your money.  

Campaigns are not always predictable and you won’t always get sales. So you need to be building an email list of your own from the traffic that you are buying.  Then over time you will have your own source of unlimited free traffic which you can use to promote different products to over time, or grow your other social media platforms and get even more free traffic. 

Not only that but you can earn additional revenues sources from google adsense of cpa offers just by sending your list to those relevant sites.  So build your list.  

To collect emails you will need to build a squeeze page.  There are dozens of options.  Techy people use word press and or instabuilder, non techies use click funnels, and others use the page builder that is included with get response email server. See the example below:

If you are just starting out, do yourself a favor and sign up for a free trial of Getresponse here, and you can build a lead capture page in about 10 minutes.  Get response will also give you an email server and autoresponder which you will need if you are going to get sales from your promotion.  

This is what the getresponse page builder looks like:

If you need help setting up your landing page you can see my video on how to do that here:

Set Up an Autoresponder: Automate Your Selling

So now that you’ve made a landing page, you need to integrate it with an autoresponder.  You can do both using Getresponse, so make sure to register here for your free trial.

Your autoresponder is a sequence of emails that will be sent out automatically from Getresponse to your leads as soon as they submit their email address to your landing page.  

As soon as your visitors submit their email they will be instantly redirected to your affiliate offer, and they will get a welcome email from you.  So you should write about 5-7 days of emails promoting the product that they were redirected to and they will get these emails automatically. 

See the video below to setup a proper autoresponder step by step:

Make sure to give value in your emails as well as selling.  If you just hard sell without giving value, people will unsubscribe or ignore your emails.  So make sure to introduce yourself, give some free tips and content and remind them of the benefits of your sales offer that they were directed to.  You can automatically send emails reminding them of the benefits of your offer over the next few days and some of your leads will buy.  

Many of your leads won’t buy, so you will need to add other emails to your autoresponder to build a relationship and some of those leads will buy later on in the future.  But even if they don’t you can use them to build up your other free traffic streams such as your blog, youtube channel or facebook page…. So your leads are valuable regardless.  Take good care of them. 

Find Reputable Vendors

This is relatively easy to do.  Don’t believe those gurus that try to make is sound more complicated because it’s not.  All you do is you go to either Udimi, or Facebook Soloads Testimonials.  Research a vendo in your niche that has good testimonials where people report getting sales and high optin rates.  

See the screen shot below to see what this looks like:

Pick 2-4 vendors with good stats and make small orders.  100 clicks is too small to get a good sense of their traffic.  You should order about 300 clicks from each of the vendors.  

Track your optins and sales from each.  If you are getting good results with certain vendors then order more traffic from them.  Anyone where your getting mediocre or bad results, just don’t order again. 

Pro Tip:  Never Limit Yourself to One or Two Good Vendors

Over time you will have a couple vendors who are your favorite, but you should build a up a list of 3-5 proven vendors and rotate your campaigns between them.  This is for a few reasons.  First, if you only have one or two reliable vendors and something changes, your business will be tanked until you find a replacement.  

The proverbial advice: never put all your eggs in one basket applies here.  

But there is another reason.  Depending on their list size many of their leads will have gotten over exposed to your landing pages and your offers.  Buy rotating each campaign between five or more traffic vendors you ensure that your offers don’t get over exposed to the same people which could hurt optins and sales.  

So this is a strong reason to rotate among many vendors, it ensures that you get the most bang for your buck in the long term. 


Parting Words: Make it Happen...

Okay, I’ve shown you the essentials to making a profit with solo ads.  Now the ball is in your court.  If you follow these tips you can build a profitable email list and build a sustainable business.  Having said this I have a request: don’t be a dreamer.  Do yourself a favor and take action.  

  1. Get your autoresponder --click here

  2. Build your landing page --click here

  3. Choose a an offer --click here

  4. Set up click tracking --click here

  5. Order some traffic --click here

Follow the Video Here:

If you want more info on getting even more leads you can learn more here.  

I also recommend visiting my youtube channel for more tips and tricks for your online business. 

Looking to read more about solo ads?  Visit this resource for additional information.

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