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If you want to learn how to increase email open rates so that you can drive more traffic and more sales, then your in the right place. This post contains five tips you can try to increase email marketing open rates, plus a little explanation of the basics which I'll get into right now.



An email open rate is the percentage of email addresses that opened the email. If you are unsure of your email open rate, it is best to ask the person who is responsible for sending out emails. You can also check your email service provider's website for information on your open rate.

Getting All the Facts

The number of people who open your email may change as a result of the update in iOS 15. Apple is making it harder for people to open the mail app on their phones, which could lead to less accurate data being available to marketers. But you can still take action to get more people opening, reading and converting from your email marketing efforts.

#1 Don't Be a Stranger

No one likes being contacted from people they don't know, so don't be a stranger and choose to send your name in your emails. The email sender or from name is one of the first things people see when they look at your emails.  Furthermore, if someone signed up for emails from the example company, then they expect the emails to come from the example company, or at least a representative of the example company. A good from name from this business would look something like Bill from the example company or simply the name of the company.


In addition to using a company mailing address, or private sending address such as [email protected], authenticating your sender domain to this is equally important for adding a layer of trust to your emails. The way to do this of course greatly varies according to the platform you send your emails from. 


#2 Lure Them In

As previously discussed, don't give everything away in your email subject line. Instead, focus on what you want to get across to the recipient of the email. For example, if you are sending a newsletter about tips for playing basketball, you can write a bunch of different subject lines depending on the angle of your content, of course. Here are a few possibilities: "How to play basketball better" "How to play basketball with confidence" "How to play basketball in an organized fashion" "How to play basketball when your team is losing" "How to play basketball with a basketball player's mindset".

'The list of five tips is known as the Fives, this is an easy to remember and catchy list of five things you can do to be a better basketball player. The list has been around for decades. However, the list of five tips has been replaced with a list of seven tips, but the list of five tips is still a staple of many marketing agencies.

The subject line is the first thing your subscribers will see when they open your email, so it is important that it grabs their attention. There is a feature on most email platforms which will automatically insert the subscriber's name into the subject line. It is also important to have a subject line which is relevant to the email and the content inside. If you don't have any subscribers yet, then using emojis is another way to make the subject line more attractive to your subscribers.


#3 Timing is Everything

It is best to send emails when your audience is most likely to read them. The data that you should use to decide when to send emails will differ greatly from business to business. It is a good idea to send emails when the majority of your customers will be active in the business or when your customers are most likely to read them.

The frequency of the email should be a decision you make yourself, however it is important to consider the amount of time it takes to compose an email and send it. If the frequency is too high, people might not have time to read or act on the information. If the frequency is too low, you could miss out on potential clients.

There are a lot of different email schedules. Figuring out the best cadence is really a matter of testing it on your audience. You might want to do some surveying to see how your audience prefers to receive your email content. Once you find the sweet spot, you will see your target metrics, including open rate increase. Four match email content to your audience.

#4 Keep Things Consistent

It is far too common for people to unsubscribe from your emails, especially if they are not happy with the content. If someone signs up for your emails and then you do not provide the content that they expect, they will not continue to open the emails. This is a problem because the email open rate is the best metric for your content. If you promise to provide advice on marketing, provide the advice you promise. Do not just decide one day that you want to provide weightloss advice and then change your emails. If you really want to pivot, test your content. If you have an audience that consists of people with different goals, then you can segment your emails. Segmenting your emails into different groups based on their goals and interests, will provide you with the best content for each group.

It is always important to have a segmented list of subscribers, and to keep that list updated. If you have a list of people who are interested in a specific service, then you should be sending them information relevant to that service, so that you can get them closer to purchasing. If your list is made up of people who have not purchased from you, then you should be sending them information that is related to what you sell, so that you can get them to purchase. There is no point sending irrelevant information to your audience if you want them to purchase.

You will need to start by sending the customer educational information, this can be in the form of a newsletter or blog post. However, you cannot send the same information to both customers, this is a clear case of spam and will result in you being blocked from future mailings.


#5 Bring Out The Axe

Inactive subscribers can be a serious problem and in some cases, they can be removed by the provider. However, the best way to keep your list active is to have an effective opt in strategy. This means that you need to offer something that is valuable to your readers, whether it be a free report or a product. Removing subscribers who aren't interested in your content can be a big help to your open rate.

The first step to make sure your emails are read, is to clearly communicate what people will get if they sign up for your emails. If they don't know what they will get, they will be reluctant to sign up. The second step is to make sure you are using a tool that can verify that your emails are legitimate. A lot of companies out there will send emails to users, asking them to confirm their email and they will take it as a sign up.

When you sign up for the email list, the second step is to let them know they will receive more content. This helps with retention and encourages your audience to take the second step. Make sure to share your content regularly to keep them subscribed.


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