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Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. With this business model, there is no limit to how much you can earn and it is possible to make over $1000 per day. The best part is that you don't need a website, a product or any money to start. It also offers flexible time and location, allowing you to work on it whenever and wherever you want. However, it does take time to build your skills and online presence, but it is worth it in the end. In this post, I will show you how to make money with affiliate marketing as a complete beginner in 2023 using only free traffic.


The key is to choose the right affiliate offer and niche. Some popular niches include lifestyle, finance, tech, cooking, and crypto. Once you have chosen your niche, you can pick the right affiliate offer through affiliate networks or by searching online. Remember to subscribe for my free training to learn more about the insider secrets of making money online with affiliate marketing.


For example, imagine a company is selling a luxury vacation package for $2,000 each and they offer a 50% commission on every sale. As an affiliate, you would obtain a link and find individuals who need are looking to travel or for luxurious vacations. When someone purchases the vacation package through your link, you earn a $1000 commission. This type of affiliate marketing is ideal for beginners as it eliminates the need to create a website, sales page, or product, handle customer support and other tasks. All you need to do is share your affiliate link and earn money when someone makes a purchase through it.

Before discussing how I’ve made over $1,000 a day in commissions with affiliate marketing, let's first focus on step one: selecting the right affiliate offer. Many people suggest choosing an offer that aligns with your passions, but this advice is not always practical or effective. Some niches generate better results and sales than others, and some niches make less money. It may be difficult to sell an affiliate program related to art if there is no good affiliate program available or if it is hard to find customers. Instead, I will recommend a few hot niches that produce exceptional results in the current market.


The first niche is the lifestyle niche, which includes topics such as travel, luxury jewelry and fashion. The second niche is finance, which includes stocks, investing and money management. The third niche is technology, which includes web hosting and software. The fourth niche is health, dieting and personal development.  Of course you can also get good results in crypto or the gaming niche as well.


Step two is to select the appropriate affiliate offer. To do this, you can use affiliate networks or marketplaces like, Digitstore24, Warrior Plus, or Jv Zoo. Alternatively, you can search for your niche and the term "affiliate program" on Google. For example, if you want to promote a software-as-a-service in the technology niche, you can visit and explore their marketplace. On the Clickbank Marketplace, click on "Explore the Marketplace" to view different tools that you can promote as an affiliate. For instance, one may offer a commission of $50 for every new customer, others $500 sometimes you can find programs offering $1000 or more.

To select an affiliate offer, you can choose a category from the left-hand side, select a niche, such as social media, and then click on an offer to learn more about the affiliate program. To obtain your affiliate link, simply press "Apply to Program" and sign up as an affiliate. If you wish to explore other niches, you can visit, click "Start now" and sign up for free. You can create an account in less than 60 seconds.


After creating an account, you will be able to select from different categories and niches on the left-hand side. Select the category that you want to focus on, find the product you want to promote and press "Promote." This will generate an affiliate link for you that you can copy with one click. Since the affiliate link may be long and unappealing, you can use a link shortener like to make it more attractive and clickable.


Paste it in the provided box on the website and click "Shorten." This will make your affiliate link shorter and more attractive. Step four is to generate free traffic for your affiliate links, so you can start making money with affiliate marketing. Many people recommend using paid methods such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads to promote affiliate links, but this can be costly and not always effective. There are other ways to drive traffic for free and make more money.


Instead of spending money on paid ads, I will show you how to generate free traffic and earn more. One of the best free traffic methods I use is my Faceless YouTube automation channels. This means that I run YouTube channels without showing my face or filming videos. An example of a YouTube automation channel is "The Richest," which talks about luxury and money. According to Social Blade, they receive 4 million views per month and earn over $17,000 per month in ad revenue. See their channel as inspiration in this link here:


Another example that is easier to replicate than "The Riches" is reposting TikTok videos on YouTube. This can generate hundreds of millions of views. Since YouTube Shorts do not have a description box, you can promote different things through the community tab and earn from $500 to $1,000 per day. You can see that they started just one year ago and went from earning $0 to making over $500 per day in a few months.


If you want to use the same traffic source as them, follow these steps:


Go to TikTok and find interesting videos.

1.   Copy the video link by pressing the appropriate button.


       2.) Visit, paste the Tik Tok link in the provided box, and download the video      

            with one click.


3.   Re-upload the video to your new channel and credit the original owner in the title or description box.


4.   Repeat this process to upload at least five to ten videos per day. The more you do it, the greater chance you have of some of those videos going viral.

Use the views generated to convert them into affiliate commission. Finally, start promoting your affiliate link.


To promote your affiliate link on your new ‘faceless’ YouTube channel, create a community post with a call to action and include your affiliate link. This method is simple, but it's not as effective as having a normal YouTube channel because re-uploading random content makes it difficult to attract targeted individuals who would be interested in purchasing a specific product. However, if you post targeted content, for example, if you make videos about luxury watches and then promote luxury watches with an affiliate link in one of those videos, there is a high chance that many people will click on that link and purchase the watches, allowing you to make money with affiliate marketing. I’ve used similar methods to this in the past when I first started, and there are many newbies still using this method today to rake in nice affiliate commissions each day. 



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